Their work was honest, genuine, timeless. It went beyond the surface in search of the essence. They used tones, colors, patterns, gesture, texture and light to tell their stories. Those are the same qualities and elements that I now use to create your inspiring and timeless stories for you.

To be a photographer is not something you do but something that you are. It comes from the heart and soul. 

In 1992, I attended the prestigious Portfolio Center for Advertising Photography in Atlanta, Georgia. and in 1995 I completed my B.A. at University of Puerto Rico. 

I worked several years as a photojournalist doing photo essays on sports,

In 2005, I opened our first wedding studio under my name. Then, in 2013 we re-branded and launched Hidden Kiss Studio to caters to discerning clients who demand the best. 

Hidden Kiss Studio exist for couples that want more than traditional or “trendy” photography. Our clients know that their stories are worth telling and preserving in an honest and genuine way with photographs that will become precious reminders of their love, relationships, and family. They want work that is timeless. 

That is our passion and mission.

Since the beginning, it was stories that drew me to photography. 

Eugene W. Smith, Dorothea Lange, Jack Delano, Marc Ribaud, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Brassai. Their magical powers to capture and freeze in time essence of an emotion… a moment… of people…

The stories were magical.


We are David and Marelly and, together, we are Hidden Kiss Studio. 

We specialize in Destination Weddings. We love to go anywhere for couples who are crazy in love and passionate about marriage, relationships, and family to capture their weddings and do pre-wedding sessions.

We married 22 years ago and we are madly in love with each other. When we are not traveling for a wedding, Pre-wedding session or just for fun, we call San Juan, Puerto Rico, home.  

We have three awesome kids, a sweet Golden Retriever, four mischievous cats and one very cute bunny. 

We are known for our honest, genuine, romantic and timeless wedding and lifestyle photography.

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Hidden Kiss Studio is David & Marelly, a team of wedding & lifestyle photographers based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and capture beautiful, romantic, genuine and timeless weddings & Pre-Wedding sessions across the world.

- Paris.

- Florence, Venice, Rome, well, all Italy!

- To watch or read a good story.

- Good music (love Coldplay, Five for               Fighting and For King and Country.) 

- All things Apple. 

- David loves to cook and Marelly loves to eat   what David cooks . 

- Family time around dinner time.

- Art (The Louvre is our home away from     home).

- Great architecture (so romantic).

- We love to travel, see new places, meet      new people, explore new cultures and taste    new food. 

- Prosciutto from San Danielle & red wine (David).

- Gelato and Nutella  (Marelly).

- Audrey Hepburn.

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