Jun 6

Every Pre-Wedding Session is Extraordinary at Hidden Kiss Studio



Forever My Love from Hidden Kiss Studio on Vimeo.


Because of every Love Story is unique, every pre-wedding session must be equally special. At Hidden Kiss Studio we want even the ordinary engagement session to become extraordinary.

So, how do we do it?

The key is getting to know each one of our couples’ unique story in order to create an extraordinary Pre-Wedding Session. You all have a story to tell.

In our Pre-Wedding Session planning consultation with Leinai and Rafael, we got to know about their story, about the things that define who they are as individuals and as a couple, about their style, things they do for fun and their dreams.

We found out that they enjoy watching Nicholas Sparks movies, especially the Notebook. The goal is not to replicate the movie but to draw inspiration from it and see how their story can be told with the stylistic elements of the film.

We then worked in developing the concept, scout for the right locations with proper light, chose the outfits, design the make-up, and develop the story line.

Enjoy the slide show.


David & Marelly are international wedding photographers based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They travel the world to capture the essence and romance of the couples they work with in their pre-weddings and weddings. Call our studio at 787-925-1110 or 787-359-3689 for more information and to book a session.

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